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Either way I want you to take away from this article

Either way I want you to take away from this article that article submission works for SEO. You may wonder why not.

I wish you all the best of look in your optimization efforts. I thought to myself, wow, how can I ever rank in these

The sole way of promoting this site was with Google Advertising, which I use a very low budget for and then submitting articles, such as this, that describe how the technique works. I am going to continue doing what I am doing and monitor all the results. These articles are just like the one you are reading now, and in a few weeks I had incredible rankings. It may increase my rankings. Basically what we do is solicit clients who want to increase their search engine rank by getting one way text links to their website. I think these folks are the real people that know what they are doing. Right now, I am at position 101 in Google SERPs so it makes it pretty easy to monitor the results of my actions. I haven’t even traded any links, nor have I even provided code or an option for people to link to my site. This site is actually for a service I offer for article submissions. You know, the next article I release will probably be a report on what this one did for my rankings. Again, this article is not promoting my site, but promoting that the method works. I would say article submission generates incredible results, especially when done right.

The website that I designed http://www. I also tried reciprocal linking, which is controversial, in that Google may not count the links. If you are at all interested in having articles submitted, you can do it my way, or you can do it manually. I have not used a social networking site like Digg or any other similar site to promote myself.article-submission-express. Number one the day I had it designed I bought a few obscure Google ads to draw some traffic and make me some sales before I could get a good organic listing, or a listing I didn’t have to pay for. If I begin doing all these other things, I could not have wrote this article today telling you that this works. I am now ranked 101 on Google for the term Article Submissions. My website as I said earlier does offer this service and you can get a link to it in the article below. I didn’t use any link building tactics, or join any link exchanges. I have to say of all the methods I have tried, article submissions, and Google Ads have brought me the most results. I studied Aaron Wall, Brad Callen and Brad Fallon. I even developed two sites where I build links to one and didn’t to the other, but made them on the same topic (they are not duplicate websites), guess what for words they have in common, the one with no links to it is outranking the one that I have actually optimized.

I have studied all the gurus of SEO. On November 20, 2008 I started a website called http://www. I haven’t used press releases which, by the way, I believe to work wonders, because of the high cost.Let me tell you my story. I started clicking through them anyway just to see if there was a site, similar to mine, that would be in the results.

Just to see what was going on with my search engine rankings today and I found when I searched for article submissions that there were 15,200,000 search has only been promoted through two very simple methods. Upon closer look I found that it was my website! After just two weeks and three days, I got to position 101. I then, used the program that the website sells to submit a few articles about Search Engine Optimization with a link to my website in the resource box, like the one below. When I got to page 11, I found there was a purple link, like I had been on the site before. Today as I write this it is December 7, 2008. I am starting to tend to agree, the site I did that on has not ranked at all. Right now, however, my goal is to use a controlled experiment. I started a few sites, and began experimenting with their different recommended techniques. I also have to mention that I was indexed by Google in 3 days after creating the site. The idea of the article I am writing today is not to promote my site, but to describe how easy it is to use article submission to get ranked.

In all of my studies I have never had this much success.

I used code based things such as TrafficBoosterPro which worked for a few days for a keyword on another site I had, but then Google penalized my site, and guess what, I have NEVER recovered

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